Easily Configured to Fit Your Workspace

ValueRail™ safety guard rail is available in 1-foot lengths from 2 to 10 feet and can be easily installed to:

  • Protect and access equipment
  • Define walkways
  • Guard warehouse rack
  • Separate and protect work areas

ValueRail provides a highly visible protective barrier and is available as a Lift-Out Rail or standard Bolt-Together system in single, double, and triple-rail configurations to meet your specific application requirements.  You can maximize accessibility by integrating ValueRail Lift-Out Guard Rail where needed in your protective safety rail system. Lift-Out rails provide an easy solution to access the other side of your ValueRailTM barrier without walking all the way around or trying to climb over the guard rail (certainly not recommended). Simply lift the rails out of the pockets to provide clear passage through the guard rail and replace each rail when completed to restore full protection.

ValueRail Lift-Out Kits can add pockets to your standard posts allowing you to slide the rails in rather than rigidly bolting them to the posts. Refer to the Lift-Out Kit section for more information.  Order one Lift-Out Kit (containing two pockets) per rail.

Configuring a system for your workspace is simplified with ValueRail’s innovative “common post” design that can be utilized for either in-line or corner guard rail configurations.

A Hardware Kit is included when you order posts of any height:

  • 18” High for Single-Rail
  • 44” High for Double-Rail
  • 60” High for Triple-Rail

(Note: A Hardware Kit is not provided when a rail is purchased separately).

Ordering ValueRail™ Guard Rail online is easy and an experienced safety products specialist is available to assist you at 262-549-1963, or via e-mail at info@valuerail.com.

Contact ValueRail today for Safety You Can Afford.