ValueRail Pro™ safety guard rail can help protect your people, equipment, and inventory in a variety of situations and applications. Our guarding products are the simple way to protect and access equipment, define walkways, guard warehouse rack, and separate and protect work areas from forklift traffic or other dangerous machinery.



Manufacturing Guard RailValueRail Pro™ guard rail is ideal for protecting work areas and entry to in-plant offices throughout a manufacturing facility. It can easily be installed to control forklift traffic along aisles and near shipping and receiving doors. It offers affordable protection for defining pedestrian walkways, and can place a highly visible shield around machinery, assembly areas, electrical panels, material staging areas, and expensive manufacturing equipment.




Storage Facilities

Storage Facility Guard RailValuable inventory, records, and your investment in work platforms (mezzanines), multi-level rack and shelving systems demand protection, especially when fork trucks rush to retrieve stored materials. An end-of-aisle installation of single inline ValueRail Pro™ may be just what is needed to deter that fork truck from cutting things too close. Shielding dock doors, temporary storage areas, guarding small parts drawers, entries to mini-storage facilities or other buildings are just a few examples where ValueRail Pro™ can be your best choice.

If it’s worth storing, it’s worth protecting with ValueRail Pro™… the affordable solution.



Warehouse Guard RailHigh-density warehousing operations offer numerous application opportunities for ValueRail Pro™ safety guard rail. ValueRail Pro™ is ideal for defining pallet staging areas, fork truck lanes, pedestrian walkways, shipping work zones, and truck loading pits. Additional safety applications include shielding work platform stairways, office and warehouse access doors, facility drain pipe, electrical cabinets, parts storage carousels, drawer and shelving systems, protecting end-of-aisle rack, and more.

ValueRail Pro™ provides a level of warehouse safety that you simply can’t afford to be without.


Distribution Centers

Distribution Center Guard RailWith goods manufactured worldwide, the heart of many successful businesses is their distribution center. Facility layout and material flow are key to achieving and maintaining profitability, as is avoiding costly downtime or injury to personnel inside a busy distribution center.

ValueRail Pro™ will not only guard elevated work platforms (mezzanines), conveyors, sortation systems, pick areas, and all forms of rack and shelving, but it will give you piece-of-mind knowing that your investment and people are protected 24-7. That’s safety you can’t afford to be without.