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Safety You Can Afford

WilgardLT_LENGTHENValueRail Pro™ safety guard rail was created to provide the market with a low cost safety guard rail option. By partnering with a leading industrial safety product manufacturer, ValueRail Pro is able to offer one of the most cost competitive guard rail systems available today.

Our guard rail is precision formed from high strength steel and painted safety yellow to provide a highly visible protective barrier for your facility. With single, double, and triple rail configurations available, we make it easy to order exactly what you need for your specific application. ValueRail Pro guard rail columns are manufactured from solid structural wide flange beams, and provide you with a cost effective solution for rail support.

The days of buying cheap foreign made guard rail are over. ValueRail Pro is made in the USA, and is the most cost competitive, domestically made guard rail on the market—all without sacrificing safety or quality. Protecting people and equipment is a requirement in modern facilities and ValueRail Pro safety guard rail provides an affordable solution for the budget minded.

Not only will you realize savings from purchasing ValueRail Pro, but it can help reduce costs associated with workplace accidents, downtime, worker’s compensation claims, insurance costs, and OSHA inspection penalties.

Our full line of guarding products can help protect in different situations and applications. From distribution centers to manufacturing facilities to storage and warehousing, ValueRail Pro is the simple way to protect and access equipment, define walkways, guard warehouse rack, and separate and protect work areas.

With ValueRail Pro, there is no waste and no unnecessary kits with extras, just pure value.

Ordering ValueRail Pro online is now easier than ever, and an experienced safety products specialist is available to assist you at (262) 549-1963, or via email at info@valuerail.com.

Don’t trust cheap foreign guarding to protect your people and equipment. Choose ValueRail Pro today for Safety You Can Afford.